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A solution for every lift

No matter what type of building or place of installation, new or modernization,
our cabinets will be adapted for easier installation in the shaft.

  • Custom controllers
  • 100% Pre-wired
  • Fully manufactured and factory tested
  • Compliant with current standards
  • Configuration and full setup by App Smartphone
  • Stock controllers, Delivery in 24/48/72h - Pick-up in store
  • Remote control by Sprinte Aftesr Sales service on internet
  • Only one traveling cable
  • Electric and hydraulic lifts
  • Compact cabinet in shaft (670x200x490, weight <20kg)
  • 24Vdc battery with integrated charge and wear management
  • Designed integration in the door frame, width <100mm
  • 32 levels, 2,5m/s, 2 doors services, lift group up to 8 cars
  • Contactorless driven VVVF, neither noise nor wear (SIL3 certifierd)

The advantages of
Sprinte controllers

  • High quality voice synthesizer
  • Our VTA tool «Vocal Technical assistance»
  • 3.5 «, 4.3» or 7 «color TFT displays as standard
  • Our «Black Box» function for advanced diagnosis
  • Centralized software update from the controller via CANopen LIFT Bus
  • Smart travel for precision, comfort and performance


  • Product Training
  • Sales / Product Technical After Sales
  • Remote or on-site after-sales assistance
  • Specific product development if necessary
  • Delivery Express 24/48/72h

Our Controllers

Sprinte offers a wide range of solutions and services adapted to your technical needs.

Control Panel

ASP116 Evolution

Control panel

ASP116 Evolution
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control panel


control panel

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